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The Cat Time Stories



"The Cat Time Stories" 

• "Cartoon Forum", Sopron, Hungary, September 2010

Project was selected and presented at the leading European pitching forum for new animated TV series.

• "Cinekid - Junior Cross Media Market", Amsterdam, October 2010

Selected for leading European pitching forum for children cross-media (multimedia) projects.

"Mechanical Figures - Inspired by Tesla"

Experimental interactive movie inspired by the scientist Nikola Tesla, "Mechanical Figures - twentythousandcycles.NET" started its festival journey...

• 3rd Biennial of Quadrilateral, MMSU, Rijeka, Croatia, December 2009.

Interactive exhibition.

• Imagine Science Film Festival, New York - "Pick of the Week"

... the short film "Bugs Assembly" from the project was "video pick of the week" for the last week of July!

•  Streaming Festival, The Hague, Netherlands

Project is the part of the program of the international festival of visual arts, permanently on the Web, and in the "real" world in The Hague in November 2009.

•  Comicon 2010, Napoli, Italy

International comics and animation festival - special screening in "3DNA" program (May 2nd 2010.)


"Croatian Tales Of Long Ago"

animated / Interactive book project was presented and awarded on many international festivals:


•  FlashForward2002 San Francisco

the project won in the category "Story"!
cartoon "Neva" by Edgar Beals was a finalist in the category "Cartoon" at the same festival

•  NetFestival 2002, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

the project won in the category Story

•  Golden Award of Montreux 2003, Switzerland

CD-ROM "Croatian Tales, Part I" won Finalist Award Certificate in Web/Multimedia category

•  LuccaComics&Games 2004, Lucca, Italy

"Il Miglior Opera Multimediale" (the best multimedia work of the year)

•  International Family Film Festival 2007, Hollywood, USA

The cartoon "Regoch" by Helena Bulaja won best foreign short animation award

•  Kiklop Award, Pula Book Fair 2008, in two categories: best design and best children's book

for deluxe edition of "Stribor's Forest"

•  "Sheep in a Box" ("Ovca u kutiji") award

best illustrated book project of 2007
for deluxe edition of "Stribor's Forest"

•  New Media Festival 2002, Brudenell, Canada

"Neva" won Honorable Mention

•  Site of the Month at www.davidbowie.com

in July 2003

•  Zagreb City Award 2003

for "remarkable international success in Croatian film industry", to project producers Helena and Zvonimir Bulaja

•  12th Festival of Croatian Film, Zagreb 2003

honored with special award "Zlatna uljanica" (Golden Oil-lamp), given by a jury of "Glas koncila", leading Croatian Catholic newspapers, for promoting ethical values in film

•  "Nobiliska" 2003, a prize from ZEON association for publishing project of the year (Čakovec, Croatia)



Competition Finalist:

•  Festival international du film d'animation 2002, Annecy, France

"Quest" by Nathan Jurevicius and "Stribor's Forest" by Al Keddie were in competition for the best short film for the Internet
(No. 1 animation festival in the world!)

•  Ottawa International Animation Festival 2002, Canada
interactive cartoon "How Quest Sought the Truth" by Nathan Jurevicius was a finalist in the Internet Film competition
(No. 1 animation festival in North America!)

•  Ars Electronica 2002, Linz, Austria
the project "Croatian Tales" was in Net Projects competition
(the most important event in digital arts in Europe!)

•  FilmFest Hamburg 2002, Germany

Flash Award competition finalists in two categories: "Yagor" by Mirek Nisenbaum in the category "linear", and "Jaglenac & Rutvica" by Ellen McAuslan in the category "interactive"

•  FlashintheCan 2002, Toronto, Canada

"How Quest Sought the Truth"
was a finalist in the category "Cartoon"

•  FlashintheCan 2003, Toronto, Canada

the project was a finalist in the category "Story"

•  SXSW Interactive 2003, Austin, Texas

the project was nominated for the best Web site in category "animation"

•  Festival Videoformes 2003,
Clermont-Ferrand, France

the Web pages of the project were a finalist of the New Media competition

•  Festival SICAF 2003, Seoul, Korea

the animated films "Stribor's Forest" and "How Quest Sought the Truth" were finalists of the Internet film competition
(one of the biggest and most important animation events in Asia!)

•  Future Film Festival 2004, Bologna, Italy

the interactive animated film "How Quest Sought the Truth" was in competition of "Future Web Festival" (films for the Internet)

•  Anti Film Fest 2004, Prague, Czech Republic

the cartoon "Fisherman Plunk and His Wife" by Laurence Arcadias was in the competition of the festival

•  Imagimer 2005, Saint-Cast, Brittany, France

the cartoon "Fisherman Plunk" by Laurence Arcadias was selected for the festival competition

•  Euroshorts 2006, Warsaw, Poland

the cartoon "Regoch" by Helena Bulaja was in festival competition, experimental category

•  Reel Women Int. Film Festival 2007, Los Angeles, USA

the cartoon "Regoch" by Helena Bulaja in festival competition, shorts category

•  International Aarhus Festival of Independent Arts 2007, Aarhus, Denmark

the cartoon "Regoch" by Helena Bulaja in program "d'Arte" (April 25-30, 2007)

•  Imagining Ourselves Online Film Festival, San Francisco, USA

"Regoch" opened the program of the festival on October 1st 2007 (online screening + chat with Helena)



The project was also presented on some other festivals, as a SPECIAL PRESENTATION or GUEST OF HONOR:

•  11th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film 2002
project presentation (Katrin Rothe and Helena Bulaja)

•  International Festival of Animated Film Krakow 2002, Poland
project presentation & screening

•  15th Animafest 2002, Zagreb
project presentation with almost all of the authors present

•  Festival der Nationen 2003, Ebensee, Austria
project presentation & screening

•  Festival Pontes 2003, Krk, Croatia
project presentation & screening on the main city square

•  Dust or Magic Conference 2003, Bologna book fair, Italy - project presentation

•  Festival EDIT-VES 2003, "The European Festival of Visual Effects", Frankfurt, Germany
project presentation as a part of the program "The Art of Storytelling in the Digital Age" (Ellen McAuslan and Helena Bulaja)

•  Festival DigitalExchangeCroatia - DECro01, Zagreb, 2003
project presentation (Laurence Arcadias, Ellen McAuslan, Sabina Hahn, Petar Grimani, Helena and Zvonimir Bulaja)

•  Mountain Film Festival 2004, Trento, Italy
We were part of "18° Rassegna Internazionale dell'Editoria di Montagna 2004", an exhibition of mountain publications. We qualified because "Jaglenac&Rutvica", "Toporko", "Stribor" and "Yagor" are a lot about mountains.

•  "Dust or Magic" Conference 2004, Oxford, UK
project presentation at the most relevant conference in the new media field (Helena and Zvonimir Bulaja)

•  Festival CartoonClub 2004, Rimini, Italy
project presentation and projections on the main city square

•  International Children's Festival 2005, Šibenik, Croatia
project presentation & multimedia exhibition with some of the authors (Laurence Arcadias, Sabina Hahn, Polina & Mirek Nisenbaum, Deana & Ed Beals, Christian Biegai)

•  Festival Fiabesque 2005/2006, Peccioli, Italy
project presentation & screening of the cartoons (on January 7th, 2006)

•  CroatiaFest 2006, Seattle, USA
project presentation & screening of the cartoons (on October 8th, 2006)

•  New Media School, Auckland, New Zealand
project presentation & screening of the cartoons, with Helena Bulaja, Christian Biegai and Al Keddie (on February 15th, 2007)

•  Interfilm 2007, Berlin
"Regoch" was screened in a special program that presented recent Croatian short film production (on November 8 and 9, 2007)

•  Magma Short Film Festival, Rotorua, New Zealand
screening of "Stribor's Forest", "Quest" and "Regoch" (November 28, 29 and 30, 2007)

•  Once Upon an Island storytelling festival, Waiheke Island, New Zealand
screening of all 6 cartoons from the project (June 1-2, 2008)

•  5th "Fete de l'animation" festival, Lille, France
special project presentation as a part of theme "Europe de l'est" (April 16-19, 2009)





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